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How to Activate/Deactivate Vi DND Service

How to Activate/Deactivate Vi DND Service: A well-known telecommunications company in India, Vi (Vodafone Idea) provides a variety of services to its clients. The Do Not Disturb (DND) service, one of the essential services offered by Vi, allows customers to regulate and control obtrusive marketing calls and messages. With the help of this article, you should be able to activate and deactivate the Vi DND service without incident and enjoy uninterrupted connection.. Activating Vi DND Service Follow the easy steps listed below to activate the Vi DND service and start blocking marketing calls and messages: Open the messaging app on your phone in step 1. Step 2: Write a brand-new message. Step 3: Send "START 0" to 1909 by typing it. Step 4: Watch for a message from Vi confirming the activation of the DND service. Once you receive the confirmation message, you can be assured that Vi will now filter and block unwanted promotional calls and messages on your registered mobile num