A Wednesday! Movie Full Story

A Wednesday! Full Story: Here complete information is given, including the Indián story, release date, and cast.

A Wednesday! Movie Full Story

Mumbai Police Commissioner Prakash Rathod uses a voiceover to announce his impending retirement. He then elaborates on the most difficult case he ever worked on.

In the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station in Mumbai, an unidentified guy with a suitcase that is later discovered to contain explosives hides it in the men’s room of a police station across the street from the Mumbai Police headquarters. Thereafter, he travels to the top of a currently unfinished structure to establish his headquarters, complete with sim cards, mobile phones, and other technology. Unless the Commissioner gives in to his demands and releases four terrorists, he calls Rathod and warns him that he has planted five bombs at various spots throughout Mumbai and has programmed them to blow simultaneously within four hours. Rathod notifies his squad to investigate the caller’s whereabouts. Naina Roy, a TV news reporter, gets a call from an anonymous source telling her that today is “the most significant day of her life.”

Arif and Jai, two police officials, track down the four terrorists the caller asked. The authorities have enlisted the help of a young hacker named Anuj to identify the caller’s location. While the caller requests that the two police officers leave the four militants near a bench on a runway at Juhu Aviation Base, Arif only leaves three behind and takes one of them, Ibrahim Khan, captive because he believes the caller will not reveal the bomb sites even after the militants are released.

An under-the-bench phone goes off, triggering an explosion that kills all three attackers. The caller, who claims to be part of a terrorist group, confesses that his true intentions were to murder the terrorists rather than free them. The caller claimed to be a “dumb common individual wishing to clean his house,” and he or she wanted revenge for terrorist attacks they had participated in across India, notably the 2006 Mumbai train bombings. Otherwise, he threatens to detonate all five bombs in Bombay until the police kill Ibrahim. Rathod gives Arif and Jai covert orders to murder Ibrahim while making it appear as though they were acting in self-defense.

Upon the news of Ibrahim’s death, the caller calls Rathod once more to tell him that he has not put any other bombs in the city. Rathod claims he was confident there were no more bombs, so he killed the last terrorist without hesitation. Just as the caller is leaving after destroying all of his equipment, Rathod arrives. Rathod offers the caller a lift home after correctly identifying him from a sketch of his face.

Rathod explains in a voiceover that the man revealed his true identity to him and that he does not want to use it because doing so would betray the man’s religious affiliation. To be fair, Rathod had a good idea that the caller was upset with the ineptitude of the government, but he had no idea that a regular citizen would resort to such extreme measures. He adds that the only source for the incident’s details is the recollections of individuals who were there, and that despite the moral ambiguity surrounding the event, he believes that whatever happened was ultimately for the best.

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