Aa ab Laut Chalen Movie Full Story

Aa ab Laut Chalen Full Story: Here complete information is given, including the Indián story, release date, and cast.

Aa ab Laut Chalen Movie Full Story

Jobless and reliant on his mother for support, Rohan Khanna lives in India. Former next-door neighbor Ranjit, who now lives in the United States with his American wife and manages a hotel there, advises that Rohan relocate there, and Rohan embraces the suggestion with enthusiasm. His mom is against it because his dad, Balraj, up and moved to the US and died there.

Rohan meets Sardar Khan, a Pakistani cab driver, at JFK Airport in New York and the two become fast friends. Sardar drives Rohan to where Ranjit is staying. Rohan learns that Ranjit and his wife abuse his parents and run a prostitution ring out of the hotel. Once Rohan confronts Ranjit, he is asked to leave.

Sardar shares an apartment with Iqbal Singh, another cab driver from India, and the two of them offer Rohan a place to stay and a job. At work, Rohan meets a beautiful young Indian woman named Pooja. They start out as friends and wind up becoming romantically involved.

Pooja is invited to live with Rohan. Sardar Khan assists the couple in finding work, although the pay is low. Rohan has worked hard but has accumulated very little money and his visa expires in only four months. After consulting with his network, Rohan settles on the idea of getting married to a green card holder in order to become a citizen. The enticing and rich Loveleen accepts to the sham marriage between Rohan and Pooja. After the wedding, Rohan starts spending all of his time with Loveleen and ends up moving into her mansion, leaving his friends and Pooja behind.

Pooja gets a position as a caregiver for Balraj, a wealthy Indian man who is getting on in years and in need of constant care. Balraj, Rohan’s biological father, is alive and well, unbeknownst to her. Balraj’s kid, Karan, is a brat with an inflated sense of self-importance. Vikram, a friend of the violent drug dealer Marco, who employs Karan as a courier to move drugs across the United States in exchange for the repayment of Karan’s debts for Marco’s pleasures, regularly intimidates Karan. Balraj begins to treat Pooja like a daughter and suggests that she marry his son-in-law Karan. Karan sees this as a chance to ask his dad for extra money to help pay off Marco’s obligations.

After a while, Rohan grows tired of Loveleen and realizes his true feelings for Pooja. After consulting his buddies, he returns to the hunt for her. He beseeches her to forgive him and join him in India for a wedding. Pooja agrees, and in exchange Rohan presents her with a locket with a photo of his mom. Balraj, who doesn’t know that Rohan is his son, listens to Pooja tell him this and bolsters her confidence.

Karan has developed feelings for Pooja and is now making threats to force her to marry him. Her locket was broken during their argument. When Balraj opens it, he is taken aback to see a picture of his wife. After hearing that Pooja received it from Rohan, Balraj assumes that Rohan is his son. Instead of telling Pooja, he keeps the secret out of concern that Rohan will reject him.

Balraj has Pooja call Rohan for an interview after learning from her that the latter is having trouble making ends meet. Balraj, feeling obliged to repay Rohan’s gratitude, offers him a lucrative position and regular incentives. With his newfound fortune, Rohan takes care of Ranjit’s parents. He also has Ranjit’s parents’ passports seized and has Ranjit and his wife arrested for prostitution and illegal possession of passports.

Pooja and Rohan decide to move back to India after being away for a while. Balraj reveals to Rohan, just before they leave, that he is, in fact, the boy’s long-lost father and explains why he never came back. After hearing his mother apologize to Balraj over the phone, Rohan decides to forgive him, too. Karan finds out and plans to physically attack him in retaliation, but he is stopped in his tracks by Rohan, who has sided with his father. Balraj gives Karan his full financial support and disowns him. It was determined that Balraj, Rohan, and Pooja would return to India. Karan and NYPD officer Jack Patel, who has apparently turned a new leaf after helping to have Marco and his group arrested, surprise them at the airport. Karan gives up his privileged life to join them in India and bring his fractured family back together.

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