Awaargi Movie Full Story

Awaargi Full Story: Here complete information is given, including the Indián story, release date, and cast.

Awaargi Movie Full Story

One of Bombay’s underworld dons, Lala Jamal Khan, employs a crew of thugs to execute his dirty work. Azaad is one of them; he uses him to intimidate others, and Azaad has never let him down. Afterwards, Azaad goes and saves a prostitute named Meena from Ranu Bhai, who is loyal to a rival don named Bhau, thus earning the wrath of Bhau. Azaad defies authority and helps Meena realize her dream of being a famous singer.

He hands her over to Dhirendra, a music director, and watches as Meena steadily rises in popularity. Azaad has feelings for Meena but can’t express them to her. To Azaad’s surprise, it seems that Meena is just as attracted to Dhirendra as he is to her. Azaad must first overcome Bhau’s thugs, who have been given explicit orders to eliminate him under all circumstances.

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