Awarapan Movie Full Story

Awarapan Full Story: Here complete information is given, including the Indián story, release date, and cast.

Awarapan Movie Full Story

Bharat Malik is a criminal mobster and businessman who owns a network of hotels in Hong Kong. His right-hand man is Shivam, an atheist and introvert who works for Malik. One of these hotels is assigned to Shivam, who manages it competently and successfully, making it more profitable than any of Malik’s other hotels. Because of Shivam’s unwavering loyalty, dependability, and business savvy, Malik thinks of him as a second son and trusts him with nearly everything, even more so than he does his biological son Ronnie. Ronnie is very envious of Shivam because of this, but he is too afraid to openly criticize him because of Malik’s vocal support for Shivam. Kabir, a childhood buddy of Shivam’s, is a constant support and helps him with everything. In the meantime, Malik’s brother Rajan and Rajan’s spoiled kid Munna harbor resentment toward Shivam due to their many run-ins with Shivam.

As Malik is gone on a quick business trip, he asks his friend Shivam to keep an eye on his young mistress Reema, whom he has reason to believe is having an affair. Malik “purchased” Reema, a young Pakistani girl and devout Muslim, from a sex trafficking ring in Bangkok. Shivam must quickly inform Malik if Reema is caught cheating on him.

Shivam has flashbacks to his lost love, Aliyah, throughout his conversations with Reema. Shivam had met Aliyah, a devoted Muslim he had met by happenstance in the market. They finally fell in love, but Aliyah’s father had a violent confrontation with them after discovering their relationship. He also told Aliyah, who was astonished to learn of Shivam’s mafia past, that Shivam had offered to give up his gun and start over in exchange for the chance to be with his daughter. Once he gets over his initial shock, Aliyah’s dad pulls the trigger and shoots at Shivam, who dives out of the way. The gunshot misses Shivam entirely and instead kills Aliyah, temporarily sending him over the brink. For the rest of his life, Shivam will carry the shame and sadness he felt when he learned that Aliyah had died while trying to rescue his own. As Aliyah’s father learns what he has done, he takes his own life immediately.

One night, Shivam finds out that Reema has a secret boyfriend named Bilal, who has persuaded her to return to Pakistan with him. Shivam tells Malik, and Malik gives the order to have Reema killed. As he meets them to kill them, she challenges him to shoot her, saying that freedom is her birthright and pleading for forgiveness “for God’s sake.” Aliyah’s pious demeanor is quite similar to Reema’s, and Shivam is unable to kill her because of this similarity. When Malik tries to contact Shivam, Shivam cuts off all communication, and Malik eventually figures out that he has disobeyed.

Despite Kabir’s adamant opposition, Shivam intends to make a hasty exit from Hong Kong and return to India with him. In the end, he gives up Shivam to Malik, who has a higher opinion of Kabir as a result. As Shivam still refuses to kill Reema, Malik has him imprisoned and gives Ronnie explicit instructions to torture him until he gives in. Malik is so devastated by what he sees as Shivam’s betrayal that he gives Kabir all of Shivam’s responsibilities at the company. Malik resurrects the old feud with Rajan and Munna, combining their gangs and companies and demanding the live delivery of Shivam to him so that he can dispose of him himself. This takes place in the presence of Kabir, who is so repentant over his betrayal of Shivam that he no longer wishes to live.

In order to avoid probable death, Shivam escapes from Ronnie and seeks sanctuary at the monastery of a monk he previously rescued. He nurses his wounds and, inspired by Aliyah’s commitment to individual liberty, decides to “fulfill someone else’s aspirations” by returning Bilal and Reema to Pakistan so they can finally be together. Kabir, whom Shivam still trusts and views as his best friend, who emotionally reaffirms that he is ready to die for Shivam, as he always was, saves Bilal from Malik’s goons. Kabir brings Bilal to the monastery to make preparations to send him and Reema on their way to Lahore.

After finding Reema, Shivam kills Rajan and then refuses to tell anyone where she is. He cons Munna into telling him that Malik intends to sell Reema to the person who “enjoys” her the most. Munna tells Shivam everything, including the location, thinking that Shivam is paralyzed by his wounds, and Shivam promptly kills him. As Shivam returns home, he finds Reema and Malik, who is very angry that Shivam has turned against him despite his deep caring for Shivam, and who mocks Shivam’s newfound faith in God and sense of independence. After killing Malik, Shivam and Reema make their way to the port, where Bilal is waiting for them. As Kabir shows there to fight Malik’s men and buy Shivam some time, he ends up being brutally killed. A reluctant Reema, unwilling to abandon Shivam, is ultimately persuaded to board the ship by Bilal. After the arrival of Ronnie and his men, a shootout breaks out, and everyone, including Shivam and Ronnie, is killed. Shivam and Aliyah are together eternally. The film concludes with Reema speaking at a conference in Pakistan about the “awara” who gave his life to save her, inspiring the audience to take action on behalf of trafficking victims.

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