BESTOR® USB Condenser Gaming Microphone with RGB Lighting
2 जनवरी 2024

BESTOR® USB Condenser Gaming Microphone with RGB Lighting

About this item

Colorful RGB Lighting: With the gaming mic’s amazing dynamic multi-color gradient effects, you can increase the number of people who watch your gaming videos and live streams. To satisfy the demands of a more game environment, the vibrant RGB lighting of the gaming microphone is integrated with colorful computer accessories. To turn on or off the RGB illumination when the microphone is operational, press and hold the touch button located on top of the device for three seconds.

BESTOR® USB Condenser Gaming Microphone with RGB Lighting

Easy-to-Reach Controls: Using the quick-response touch-mute button on top of the microphone, you can quickly mute or unmute it. The RGB LED turns off to indicate the operational state of the ME63S USB microphone when it is silenced. You can easily access the gain knob at the bottom to freely control the volume. Additionally, this USB streaming microphone has a 3.5mm headphone port on the front for in-the-moment monitoring.

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Excellent Sound Quality: With its cardioid pickup pattern, this podcast microphone can both eliminate undesired background noise and record clean, crisp, and clear audio. Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz/24 bit; excellent for gaming, Twitch streaming, Zoom, podcasts, recordings, Skype, and YouTube.

Noise Canceling Accessories: Vibrantly hitting the keyboard and clicking the mouse will produce less vibration noise because rubber elastic bands are securely secured on the shock mount. The gaming PC microphone has a detachable pop filter that is securely latched on to reduce pop sounds caused by your enthusiastic speech while playing. The desktop microphone’s thumbscrew enables you to pre-adjust the ideal streaming recording angle and achieve a comfortable speaking position when playing games or streaming.

Plug and Plya: compatible with Windows PC laptops with USB-A or USB-C ports, Mac computers, and PS4/5 computers. An additional driver is not needed. The detachable USB cable, measuring 6 feet, can freely extend from the rear of the computer to the body of your gaming USB microphone.

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