Indián Movie Full Story

Indián Full Story: Here complete information is given, including the Indián story, release date, and cast.

Indián Movie Full Story

A series of stabbing deaths occur in the Avadi neighborhood of Chennai. Every time, the victim is first crippled, then murdered. The Chennai Police Department, lead by CBI inspector Krishnaswamy, suspects multiple people, but they zero in on the murderer based on the letter the killer left behind after killing his most recent victim, an officer in the government treasury. The message suggests the culprit is at least 70 years old. After the officer threatens a poor old woman with a bribe of 10,000 (US$130) to hand over compensation money given by the government after her husband was killed in a riot, the old man, later identified as Senapathy, a veteran Indian freedom fighter and member of the Indian National Army led by Subhas Chandra Bose, kills him.

Small-time broker Chandrabose alias Chandru and his helper Subbaiah hang out in front of the RTO in Chennai, where they assist customers in bribing the appropriate RTO employees to obtain licenses and permits. Paneerselvam, an officer at the RTO, and Subbaiah are often at odds with one another. Furthermore, Chandru’s girlfriend Aishwarya, a fierce advocate for animal rights, had an argument with Sapna, a medical student and the daughter of an RTO official. To get a job as a brake inspector at the RTO, Chandru tries to win over Sapna and her family. Sapna and her mother take advantage of Chandru by forcing him to do duties around the house, which annoys Aishwarya. Nevertheless, Sapna eventually gives up her feelings for Chandru after she learns that he loves Aishwarya. The truth about Chandru’s parentage to Senapathy is exposed. Senapathy’s stress on honesty and righteousness, which Chandru sees as antiquated, was the cause of their rift.

Around this time, Krishnaswamy fakes being a freedom fighter to gain access to the Swathantra Sainik Samman Pension Plan and makes his way to Senapathy’s house. Senapathy and his puppeteer wife Amirthavalli evade his capture by using his knowledge of Varma Kalai. As his daughter Kasturi dies from third-degree burns because a corrupt doctor demanded a payment that Senapathy refused to pay, Senapathy kills the doctor in front of a live television audience. Senapathy enjoys a spike in popular support when he publicly shamed numerous corrupt officials. Senapathy also does not help his son out in any way.

Chandru, who bribed his way into the position of brake inspector, fraudulently certifies a bus with defective brakes, resulting in the deaths of forty schoolchildren and the bus driver. Chandru tries to bribe a police officer and a doctor into saying that the bus driver was inebriated while driving. But Senapathy sees him at it and is determined to kill Chandru like he kills everyone else. Senapathy goes after Chandru at the airport as he tries to leave for Bombay, despite Amirthavalli and Aishwarya’s pleading that he be spared. The chase ends at the airport, when Senapathy fatally shoots his son and seemingly perishes in an airplane explosion. However, Krishnaswamy realizes that Senapathy escaped just before the jeep detonated thanks to the footage.

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